Absalom- Victim or Villain by Bob Gray Sr

Absalom: Victim or Villain


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When one mentions the name Absalom, some almost immediately begin to blame David for the sins of his son. As a result, many Christians have never looked closely enough at what kind of man Absalom was. After reading this book, you will be able to better decide if Absalom was a victim or a villain.


Author: Bob Gray, Sr. | Pages: 184 | Chapters: 29 | Format: Hardback

Chapter Titles

  1. Would God I Had Died for Thee
  2. The Birth of Absalom
  3. Absalom’s Godly Heritage
  4. Absalom’s Royal Maternal Heritage
  5. David: Absalom’s Godly Example
  6. Absalom: An Evil Son
  7. Amnon and Tamar
  8. David’s Handling of Amnon
  9. The Death of Amnon
  10. A Foolish Grandparent
  11. David or Absalom: Who Was to Blame?
  12. The Truth about Absalom and Tamar
  13. Hair: The Vanity of Absalom
  14. The Heart of Absalom
  15. The Sinful Qualities of Absalom
  16. In Defense of Absalom
  17. The Lord Will Not Hold Him Guiltless
  18. A Sinister Bow and a Sincere Kiss
  19. Spies and Simpletons
  20. A Tale of Two Leaders
  21. Absalom and Ahithophel
  22. A Murderous Plot
  23. The Hypocrisy of Absalom
  24. The Deception of a Deceiver
  25. Deal Gently with the Young Man
  26. The Tragic End of Rebellion
  27. David’s Heartbreak
  28. You May Be An Absalom If
  29. Brethren, Be Not Dismayed

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Absalom: Victim or Villain