Ingredients of a Successful Sunday School


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A vital Sunday school program can revive a church, reach countless souls for Christ, and instill the truths of God’s Word into the hearts and minds of God’s people.

In this book, Pastor Trieber explains the principles that have helped his Sunday school grow from a fledgling ministry to a work that effectively ministers to thousands of people week by week.

Author: Jack Trieber  | Pages: 102  | Chapters: 33 | Format: Paperback

Chapter Titles:

  1. A Great Sunday School
  2. The Sunday school Director
  3. Preparing the Teacher
  4. Preparing the Lesson
  5. The Teacher’s Class
  6. The Cue Card
  7. Scripture Verses
  8. Music
  9. Visual Aids
  10. Promotion Sunday
  11. Testimonies
  12. Prayer Requests
  13. Birthdays
  14. Announcements
  15. Refreshments
  16. The Invitation
  17. The Pledges
  18. Illustrations
  19. The Seat Price
  20. Roll Call
  21. Drill and REview
  22. Cleaning up the Classroom
  23. The Adult Sunday school Class
  24. The Philosophy of the Sunday School
  25. The Sunday school and the Buses
  26. Enrollment and Follow-up
  27. Developing a God Class Spirit
  28. The Uncontrollable Student
  29. The Good Sunday school Teacher
  30. The Teacher’s Benefits
  31. Legal Guidelines
  32. Developing Relationships
  33. Using Helpers

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Ingredients of a Successful Sunday School

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