Marrying the Right One


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The marriage decision is truly a critical one, and it is secondary in importance only to the decision to accept Christ as Saviour. Single adults require God’s guidance and direction in this area.
This is not just another book on dating; it is a biblical, thought-provoking word from a pastor’s heart.  Dr. Don Woodard handles the Word of God with sensitivity and wisdom. After over fifteen years in full-time evangelism, he is currently pastor of Beacon Baptist Church in Salem, Virginia.

Author: Don Woodard  | Pages: 63  | Chapters: 30 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. Some Conclusions About Life
  2. Important Questions to Ask Yourself About
  3. Choosing a Spouse
  4. What Is My Ideal Spouse?
  5. Is This Person a Believer in Jesus Christ?
  6. Is There Spiritual Fruit in This Person’s Life?
  7. Is This Relationship the Leading of the Lord?
  8. Has This Person Had a Lot of Short-Term “Romantic” Relationships?
  9. Have I Made Seeking the Right Person a Serious Matter of Prayer?
  10. What Kind of Relationship Does This Person Have With His/Her Parents?
  11. Does the Spiritual Leadership in My life Approve of This Relationship?
  12. Does the Spiritual Leadership in His/Her Life Approve of This Relationship?
  13. Can the Relationship Become a Friendship?
  14. What Spiritual Goals Does This Person Have?
  15. What Life Goals Does This Person Have?
  16. Is This Person a Good Steward?
  17. Will This Person Make Me Complete?
  18. Will I Complete This Person?
  19. What Do I Share in Common With This Person?
  20. Can I Live for This Person?
  21. Will This Person Live for Me?
  22. Would This Person Make a Good Parent?
  23. Do I Know This Person Well Enough to Marry Him/Her?
  24. Am I in Love With This Person?
  25. Am I Ready to Make a Lifelong Commitment to This Person?
  26. Am I Ready for the Responsibilities of Marriage?
  27. Toy or Treasure
  28. The Wedding Vows
  29. Prayers, Dreams and Time (A Poem)
  30. Life’s Most Important Question

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Marrying the Right One

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