Am I a Good Christian? by Jack Trieber


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Being a good Christian, as simple as it may seem, can be difficult – especially in a day when Christianity is being redefined. What is a good Christian? Am I a good Christian? How can I stay a good Christian? In the pages of this book, Dr. Jack Trieber gives an in-depth study of the qualities of a good Christian.

A love for God’s house, a love for submission, a love for holiness – these are just a few marks that will challenge every child of God to take inventory of his own life and daily personify the characteristics of a true, good Christian.


Author: Jack Trieber  | Pages: 156  | Chapters: 11 | Format: Paperback


Chapter Titles

  1. A Love for God’s House
  2. A Love for God’s People
  3. A Love for Giving
  4. A Love for Obedience
  5. A Love for Submission
  6. A Love for Forgiveness
  7. A Love for Holiness
  8. A Love for People
  9. A Love for Fruit of the Spirit
  10. A Love for Humility
  11. A Love for Gratitude


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Am I a Good Christian? by Jack Trieber